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project execution

Project execution requires the successful management and completion of individual work components that are necessary for the project to progress on schedule and within budget. Effective application of project execution techniques ensures that the proposed or implemented solutions to client problems match the requirements collected and analyzed at the beginning of the project lifecycle.

KORYAK utilizes various planning tools, as accepted by the client, to develop a road map which communicates how agreed project outputs will be produced within a realistic timeframe.

Project-related tasks are always assigned to a specific date and required contributions from relevant project staff and/or other stakeholders are always documented. KORYAK believes that it is important for any project execution tool to be dynamic, and thus responsive to new obstacles or risks that emerge during the project lifecycle. When KORYAK identifies new issues or changes in the client’s operating environment, ad hoc meetings with relevant client stakeholders are immediately scheduled to discuss the potential impact on the organization. Where necessary, work products are re-prioritized and the overall project road map is modified and then re-approved by the project sponsor, allowing the project to progress.