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Process Improvement

Process Improvement by KORYAK produces specific outcomes:

  • Reengineered processes that are streamlined to deliver on the outcomes of the process
    • A reengineered process at a glass claims outsourcing client resulted in an NPV of $3million
  • Eliminates unnecessary steps and handoffs
    • An engagement identified 21 items that could be improved
  • Collapses the cycle time of the process resulting in increased productivity
    • Where they process 7 items per person per day, they now process 17 items per person per day
  • Leverages technology in innovative ways to enhance productivity
    • The software brought all the necessary data to the user when they needed it
    • Save time by incorporating innovative work flows
  • Design for flexibility and speed to market
    • Changing businesses and regulated environments need processes that can evolve
  • Next Practice and not just Best practice
    • More often than not benchmarking against your industry does not give you a competitive edge
    • Leapfrog your competition
  • Dashboards that provide pertinent information to process operators and Senior Management all in between