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constraint Management

KORYAK utilizes this technique to identify and control factors that could potentially hinder the ability of the project manager to identify and implement an optimal solution. In addition to project scope, there are several typical constraints common to any project management environment, such as scope, time, resources and quality, which can be managed alongside other client expectations and using approved project planning documentation. These constraints – scope, time, resources and quality – are the basic levers that a project manager can leverage to ensure that a project is delivered by an agreed-to date at an agreed-to budget.

A brief case study:

KORYAK also has extensive experience adapting to atypical as well as newly developed constraints; one instance involved a public sector client requiring a solution mandated by state law, to be introduced by a set date. In this scenario activities related to design were managed concurrently with discussions involving government attorneys, as the new law was gradually interpreted, exposing all implications for solution design. This project was successfully completed on time and within budget, despite the obstacle that a continuous requirements gathering process represented.

It is essential to our Clients and KORYAK’s success that project managers identify constraints during all stages of the project lifecycle, consider all feasible solutions, win support for the chosen solution and fully commit to applying the solution to circumvent each constraint. KORYAK’s methodology has the flexibility to accommodate new constraints, without violating our proven track record of delivering maximum value to our clients.