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koryak's approach

KORYAK understands that a rigid, “one size fits all” project management methodology, with static template-driven documentation, cannot be successfully applied to all situations. Instead, our approach involves a fresh analysis of client problems at each and every encounter, utilizing tried and tested tools such as risk-management plans, while significantly modifying components and considerations, in response to specific requirements within the client’s business environment.

Our project managers all possess strong analytical skills and an ability to react quickly to changing circumstances. A sample of techniques successfully applied by KORYAK includes:

  • Scoping & Planning – Goal is to understand the project or program requirements within the context of the client environment and related project expectations
  • Constraint Management – Identifying and controlling obstacles to implementation
  • Risk Management – Coping with uncertainties in the client’s business environment, in order to minimize adverse impacts on the ability to achieve project goals.
  • Project Execution – Ensuring project outputs match the initial requirements gathered, and that the client is provided with a clear and sustainable solution.